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How can the Netskope Community help you?

Happy Monday Netskope Community members! It's a new week, which means new challenges. How do you make the most of Monday to set yourself up for success?! Clearly mine is a big cup of coffee... :). Seriously though, what is one challenge that's at the...

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Netskope Web Security for Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu

We have been using Netskope for 3 years now and the journey started off with the CASB product. Since beginning of this year we started using the SWG product as well and honestly it has helped us to reduce the web security risks. Our environment has m...

Microsoft API trottlling

Is anyone else seeing issues with Microsoft API throttling for Netskope forensic and quarantine data using Microsoft Sharepoint. Where the data is not available in Netskope tenate, due to Microsoft throttling kicking off error codes. If so How did yo...

[Getting Started] Best Practice Policies - Inline

The intention of this document is to level set on the base set of policies, policy grouping, and policy evaluation behavior that is generally applicable to all inline(CASB/NS-SWG) customers. We are also working on runbooks to accompany each of the po...

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jforrest by Netskope
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