Using Microsoft Information Protection with Netskope to protect your data

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Did you know that using Netskope's powerful Cloud DLP and Microsoft Information Protection you can scan your M365 instance and identify sensitive data in order to classify it and label (or re-label) it to add the right context to the file metadata.


The high-level process to set up Netskope and MIP to label documents as sensitive is as follows:


  1. In the MIP tenant, go to Classification and create a new label you want to apply to files with sensitive content.

  2. Publish the label to all users and groups. Select All under Users and groups.

  3. In the Netskope tenant, create a new API-enabled Protection policy. Under Actions choose IRM Protect > MIPand then the label you want to use.

Alternatively if you wish to revise a MIP label based on the content, files that are already labeled by MIP can be scanned by the Netskope API-enabled Protection policy for sensitive content. If the policy detects sensitive content in the files, then the policy replaces the file label with the appropriate label defined by MIP for the content type.


To see a demo of Netskope and MIP in action follow this link. Or the document attached explains the steps to configure Netskope API protection.



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