Cloud Firewall Dashboard - Updated

  • 6 February 2024
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Cloud Firewall Dashboard - Updated
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This is an update to the already improved Cloud Firewall Dashboard that was uploaded last year. I've made a few tweaks to improve the filtering for more efficient usage. This improves upon the Cloud Firewall Discovery dashboard in the Netskope Library by now having users, traffic, policies, top allowed protocols, top blocked protocols, top users and source IP for allowed and blocked traffic, top blocked DNS domains, top users with blocked DNS domains, top DNS allowed domains, etc.


You can now filter all of the data or different widgets independently depending on your needs:

More visibility into DNS specific activities, especially if you're using Cloud Firewall's DNS Security:

Give it a try!



4 replies

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Any steps on how to import this file please?

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Hi @arjun98854 , to import the dashboard please follow these steps:

  1. Download the zip file from the article
  2. Do not extract the zip file, you will upload the zip to the tenant 
  3. Log in to your Netskope tenant
  4. Select Advanced Analytics from the navigation bar
  5. Choose Personal or Group
  6. Select the Import from File button in the upper right
  7. Select the zip file you downloaded
  8. It should then import
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While the steps imply the following it’s often overlooked by new admins.   The .zip file you download should not be extracted.  You need to import the whole .zip file, and not the contents of the .zip file.