Device Client Overview Dashboard

  • 29 February 2024
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Device Client Overview Dashboard
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Netskope Advanced Analytics makes device data collection available for analysis through the latest Device Client Overview Client Dashboard. The dashboard helps you better understand and manage the deployment of Netskope Client in your environment.


Some of the key metrics captured by this dashboard include:

  • Getting an aggregated view of the number of corporate-managed devices that have installed the Netskope Client, and insights into the status of devices with the Client enabled, disabled, or uninstalled



  • Understanding the trends of Client version updates over time and determining how many devices are on unsupported, supported or golden release versions



  • Identifying devices disconnected for a long period of time



  • Investigating and troubleshooting users’ Client activities by leveraging historical data


Use this dashboard to enhance your device security posture, generate comprehensive risk insights, perform compliance assessments based on your corporate policies, and implement greater control over the devices to avoid potential attack. More details about how to read and use the Device Client Overview Dashboard can be found HERE.


Currently, the device data is still in controlled GA. To get the data enabled for your environment, please reach out to your account team. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions or feedback on this topic!

3 replies

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The error below will show up if the device data is not enabled on your tenant. Please reach out to your account team to have the data enabled for your environment.


Great report! Just what we were looking for, we were not aware we could work with device data in Advanced Analytics.

We’ve just asked support to enable the backend flag to try out device data widgets.

Thanks Aaron!

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@jcanepa My pleasure! Glad to hear that device data can help with your use cases. Feel free to try out the device data & dashboard and let us know if you have any questions & feedback.