DLP Regex Advanced Filter regex case-sensitive settings

  • 24 October 2022
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Hi all, thanks for reading.


I'm using Entity advanced filter options to remove false positives caused by a regex.

The problem I'm observing is it seems the case-sensitive option set in the upper part of the config dialog does not apply to the regex defined as filters.


** Please check the attached picture as a dummy example of the issue I'm facing.

Attached Example: The entity is set as case-sensitive. The filter is supposed to exclude any string not starting by 3 lower-case letters ([a-z]{3}). The observed behaviour is excluding strings not starting by 3 letters ([a-zA-Z]{3}) though, like it was case-insensitive (ignoring the setting above).


Could you please confirm the regex defined as filters are hardcoded as case-insensitive?
If so, is it planned to change this behaviour?


Thanks in advance,


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I'm not aware of any case sensitive/insensitive limitations, but I'm checking with ENG to see.

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Hello @jason , I hope you are well.


Were you able to get confirmation about it? I need to differentiate between upper and lower case letters but I don't know how to make it.


Thanks in advance,


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@jason Just for the record. Limitation confirmed. An ER has been registered for this. Thanks.

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Followin up on this post. Can we get confirmation if the Advanced Options configuration applies when validating regex. I can't get this validated  using that process. Has anyone got this to actually work? (Do not start with regex)

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Hi @nduda ,

AFAIK, advanced filters are not considered by the embedded regex validator.

I had to use advanced filters several times and always end validating by testing the whole thing in a DLP policy (smtp or upload), is actually quite fast testing things like this. If you have a test or preproduction environment, I'd go for that. If you need to set several filters (regexes), I'd go one by one, adding, testing, validating, and so on.


If I can help you, let me know.