How can I download data for one specific User?

  • 21 July 2023
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Is there a way to download all the dashboard data at once for one specific user rather than all the users in the data? For example, when drilling in the data for specific user to show all the data for that user data rather than downloading it separately?

2 replies

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Hello @EKing,

In general, yes this is possible but the exact process will depend on where you're looking to export this data and whether you want it scheduled or not.  Are you looking to export the raw SkopeIT events or data from Advanced Analytics?  Further, Netskope has multiple event types so are you looking to export all of these event types (Application Events, Alerts, Network Events, etc) or a specific event type?    I'm happy to provide additional guidance based on your responses. 

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Thank you for your response. yes, I am looking to export the data including all the data in the current dashboard for a specific user, currently it won't let me do it for one user but all the users and that's way more data than I need. I am looking to export all of the event types from my dashboard all at once rather than exporting it by each event separately for each user. Does this make sense?