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  • 14 September 2023
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Hello all,

I am facing a "strange" issue with my netskope client.

At my company, we do use a PAC file.

The problem is, I am gettnig the following error message:

 2023/09/14 10:51:27.803 stAgentUI p25c8 t2640 info proxy.cpp:72 nsUtil Proxy settings: auto detect 1, PAC, static webproxypie.beprod01.eoc.test:8000
2023/09/14 10:51:27.807 stAgentUI p25c8 t2640 warn proxy.cpp:155 nsUtil Failed to auto detect proxy or download PAC file, error 12166
2023/09/14 10:51:27.807 stAgentUI p25c8 t2640 info proxy.cpp:214 nsUtil Using static proxy: webproxypie.beprod01.eoc.test:8000
2023/09/14 10:51:27.808 stAgentUI p25c8 t2640 info config.cpp:5427 Config System proxy configuration Detected , System proxy Count 1,Pac Server Host N/A


The netskope client is not able to download the PAC file.


From the browser itself, I can reach: and download it manually. 


Any idea?


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