Netskope randomly disabling

  • 15 June 2022
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Hi Team


I'm really happy to be part of this wonderfully community, my name is Simphiwe.

We have many of our users whose Neskope gets disabled randomly and when this happens they lose access to a number of important applications within the organization. The only way to temporarily fix this is to restart the Netskope service or to completely restart the computer. However this is a short-time fix. I just want to know what are the main causes of Netskope getting disabled and how to fix this ?


Thank you



4 replies


We're having the same issue here. Our Netskope clients keep disabling due to the fail close settings every few minutes, in our case it sorts itself out a couple of minutes later.


Additionally people running Netskope are reporting that accessing web pages is really slow at times. Just raised a ticket with support to look into this. It got to the point today where people on Teams couldn't hear or see me as I kept chopping out and web pages kept dropping out. We're about to roll out Netskope to all our computers, so need to understand what is happening.


It's only just recently started happening as far as we're aware...

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Hi, @smzotho. Thank you for reaching out! Our community team is looking into this and will get back to you with a potential solution.

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It would be best if you could collect the client logs from one of the users and open a Support ticket for them to troubleshoot. The Netskope client should not randomly get disabled.

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We had this same issue around the same time as you - it seemed to resolve itself around a week later - we never figured out what was the cause