Pointing to the wrong POP server

  • 12 October 2023
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Hello Community Members,

I hope you are all doing well. I've come across an issue that I believe some of you might have encountered as well, and I'd like to seek your insights and solutions on this matter.


I recently encountered a rather peculiar problem with Netskope. Whenever I open web pages that I access via the browser, they suddenly appear in German, even though I expect them to be in Italian.


I wonder if this problem is related to server-side configurations or if it is something internal to Netskope itself. Any suggestions or ideas to solve the problem would be greatly appreciated.

I thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to learning from your experiences and expertise.


6 replies

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Is the agent actually pointed to the MIL1 DP, or to a German based DP?  Netskope also has localization zones, that may be enabled on the tenant and you would need to work with your Channel SE to identify this.  


Thank you for your response. I appreciate your insights. Regarding your first question, could you please guide me on how to verify if the agent is actually pointed to the MIL1 DP or to a German-based DP?

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If you right click on the agent and select configuration the Gateway IP is shown.  Also you can brows to http://notskope.com and that page will also show what DP you are connecting to.  

A list of all DPs can be found at https://trust.netskope.com for a nicer mapping to POP code to location. 



Hi Matt-frank

Thank you for helping me identify that the agent is currently connected to the Düsseldorf server (DE-DUS1). It appears that this server connection might be related to the language issue.


To further investigate and address the problem, could you please provide guidance on how to either change the server connection to the desired one or resolve the language display issue while connected to the Düsseldorf server?


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Hello @gianvikl12,

Just to confirm, are you located in Germany, Italy or somewhere else?  Depending on what version of NewEdge Traffic Management your tenant is using, there may be an incorrect Data Plane selection.  You can see how this works for the client here.  My first guess is that your client is not connecting to the correct Data Plane.  That article includes log entries you can check to see why it's selecting the German Data Plane.  If that's not the correct Data Plane, I'd suggest opening a support case as it may require a configuration on our end.  You can also discuss using NewEdge Traffic Management 2.0 with your Channel or local Sales Engineer.  


Hi @sshiflett,

We are located in Italy. However, we are investigating possible causes. I will get back to you with updates.