Publisher doubts about the robustness and HA of the platform

  • 31 January 2023
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Publisher doubts about the robustness and HA of the platform


Good evening, thanks for the collaboration.


Thinking in a critical and highly productive and highly demanded environment, what would be the correct specifications to install a publisher?


Thinking in an example of 30 applications, 10 of them web, standard and alternative ports, and other applications like Jira, SAP, SMB, private applications, etc. And that will be constantly demanded approx a load of 100 to 300 concurrent connections.


Thinking about a scenario and having HA Publisher, what should be the capacities ? how many Publisher should be deployed ?


Is it possible to deploy a VM in Vmware environments, with OVA/OVF ? is it possible to install on a base O.S. like Centos/Debian/Ubuntu, other Linux and/or UNIX, that is to say a VM with one of these O.S. and install a Publisher on them ? is this compatible and/or possible ?


Thank you for your collaboration, I remain attentive


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Yes, it is possible to deploy a VM in Vmware environments with OVA/OVF.  You can download the installer package from Netskope tenant when you have NPA license enabled.


To define the quantity of publisher you need to know:

  • Each Publisher can handle around 500 Mbps of throughput.

  • A Publisher is agnostic to the number of users that traverse it.

  • A Publisher is limited to using a single IP address for both inbound and outbound connections.

  • A single publisher can support up to 32,000 concurrent TCP or UDP connections per IP destination.

It is recommended a pair of Publisher per datacenter and each one in different VM hardware

Is recommended too put each publisher near to applications 

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Hello @agarcia 


Thank you very much for your comments and for your collaboration


-Very accurate data.


-When a Publisher HA is built, does it work as Active/Active or Active-Passive HA?


Do you have any HA Publisher documentation that you can share with me, detailing technical issues, how to deploy and other relevant Publisher considerations.

-Finally, the Publisher would act as a kind of Gateway, as a pass-through sever, for private applications in NPA-ZTNA environments.


-The Publishers are mandatory even in an environment with Netskope SD-WAN ? i.e. despite generating SDWAN connectivity between Netskope Appliance and the Netskope Tenant, the Publishers for NPA - ZTNA issues, are still mandatory ?


Thank you, I remain attentive


Best regards