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  • 23 May 2021
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Hello, I'm not an advanced user or deployer but I don't know where else to ask this question. My workplace is using Netskope. Can anyone tell me why only the Waterfox browser is blocking most websites? Even is blocked as a security risk. It's a little rough as this is our required dictionary.


Thank you for any help.


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6 replies

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Hi LorraineP


At a guess I would say your administrator has created a policy based on the browser; waterfox is not a listed browser.  Hence, you are getting blocked. This also suggests that the policy is not applied to all traffic, otherwise you would be blocked completely.



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without seeing the security risk error i'd say the browser probably has it's own cert repository and doesn't trust the Netskope certificates when it does it's ssl interception. Can you post a screenshot of the security risk message?



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Waterfox is indeed not a listed browser, only a scant few are, but I tried every Mac browser imaginable and only Waterfox flat out refused to load pages in this way.

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Thank you. This is all I can get.


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yeah so this is pretty much what i thought. Waterfox isn't trusting the netskope root CA so it all looks like a big old man in the middle attack. I had similar issues when I was a Blue Coat Admin back in the day. If you get a copy of the root CA you should be able to import it in trusted CA's within the browser. I never used waterfox but here's an article for doing it in firefox. Hopefully it's similar.

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Thank you. I wish I had the authority to try this. The answer has become just don't use Waterfox. I was looking to replace Firefox and didn't want to use Chrome or Safari.