SCIM-Based User Provisioning with GSuite

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Hi all!


It is supposed that Netskope can import the OUs and User Groups from GSuite user platform directly using SCIM but, I couldn't find the way to do it. In addition, all the documentation I find is related to SCIM integration with Azure AD and Okta. I've been looking for a way into GSuite Admin Console and there is nothing similar.


Anyone here has had the same issue?




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Hi @juanm,


There's a limitation with Google and their use of SCIM, they do not provision groups only users. If you require OU's and Groups you could use our Directory Importer to act in the middle to extract the users/OU's and provision them on Netskope. Here's a doc that will help.



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Hi @sfoster ,


Thank you very much for that! I assume that I can only import pure users from Gsuite to Netskope. I'm currently taking a look at the guide you shared and will try that method for user creation today. 


Thank you again! I believe this is a good solution for me :).

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Good luck @juanm, come back and let us know how you progress!

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Dear @sfoster , how are you doing today? I´m following the steps present on this document but my tenant is not importing the users/groups from the Gsuite with status log below:

I have followed every step with caution and I could not find any error. I mean, the ldap connection was done, the ldap query was valid. I can see the successful connection coming from netskope adapter in my GSuite log event.


The doubt that I have is related to the step 58 page 27:


 My group´s name is "XYZ INFRASTRUCTURE DEPARTMENT" and its e-mail is


Dynamic Group Name : "which name should I have to use it here?"


Thank you,


Anderson Leandrine