Steering Configuration and Client Configuration

  • 13 February 2024
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In the Steering Configuration and Client Configuration, I can only select OU or AD User Group.

Using OU or AD User Group are inflexible

  1. Example for testing purpose, unable to select AD users from different AD user group for testing since there was no AD user group for these selective users.
  2. can’t just test for 1 user.  WIll have to create AD user group for for 1 user
  3. Select by device.  I may have multiple devices login using the same account.  I will want the test steering and client configuration for test devices.  My corp device will not take effect.

Is it possible to select by individual AD user or by device?  



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One approach that we took when building our provisioning and testing framework was to create a couple general-purpose testing AD groups.  We have the ability to quickly move users in and out of these groups as needed for different testing scenarios, whether they be client configuration, steering, or policy.  This has given us the flexibility to test both new features and to test around policy/site handling issues with small groups of users without needing to impact the entire userbase.

Hi Qyost

Noted.  Sadly in our org, every modification to AD will require CR and approval.  Having change in netskope console will be speed up the testing.