Support platform migration

  • 26 September 2022
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Is there an updated announcement about timeframe for the support site to be opened for customers to access again?   

The last update I saw was on Friday evening stating that we would receive an email about completing registration once the new support site was live.    While I can see that the login page has been updated, I'm unable to access any resources (public nor beyond the login, includes the Announcement page) nor update tickets. 



3 replies

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The support site is now live, please contact your Netskope reps or email if you are still having issues logging in.

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I did send that email prior to posting.   However I never received a response back.   I've also not received any ticket updates, when I run an average of 6+ a day.   I also reached out to support by phone this morning, and their advice was the same as above.   


In an effort to ensure the inbound email wasn't being blocked on our side, I asked for confirmation of the email address(es) that any updates and password reset would be coming from, and have been waiting for over 20 minutes for an answer to that simple request.  When pressed why it was taking so long, the agent's response was "I have pinged the internal channels and am waiting for a response."   

When asked about escalation, he referred me back to email.  I responded by asking for a live transfer of my call instead and the reply was "let me see if I can find a number".

I'm still on the call with the agent nearing 30 minutes now as I write this, with no answer to any question nor the requested escalation.   These are basic questions and escalation procedures.   

Update:   45 minutes in, I received what appeared to be a manually generated email from an employee's @netskope email address with a password reset link.  The call was never escalated despite multiple requests for escalation/transfer.
@bsaitz: Surely this could have been handled better.   I felt like I was waiting for staff in the US to come online.

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Good morning.  I apologize for the issues we've run into.  Despite exhaustive testing, we've had some migration challenges and are working, tirelessly, to resolve them.  We will do a full post mortem once resolved.


The team remains dedicated to solving all of our post-migration issues and we'll send more communications once things stabilize.


if help is needed, remains active.


Please let me know anything else we can do to help.