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I just opened a support ticket for which the resolution was redirection to an article describing how some functionality was currently disabled due to a known issue.

I went back to the support home page, and there was no mention of the functionality in any of the list of Active or Recent Incidents.   There was a somewhat similar article listed for other functionality that was listed under Recent Incidents, but its article stated that the fix had not yet been deployed.

I'm curious; how are users supposed to know about issues if they aren't listed, or their status isn't accurately reflected, on the support homepage? 


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Hi @qyost ,


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We appreciate your feedback and will certainly take it up internally and share an update with you at earliest.


We appreciate your valuable input and continuously feedback to improve our users' experience.

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Hello @qyost . It’s Shawn White from the Support team.

Thank you for the feedback. Sorry for the inconvenience. We recognize that clear communication about current issues and incidents is vital to our customer’s success. The issue you highlight is an example of where we need to improve. Customers need to see the details of incidents like this easily and readily. To better address this, we have a team focused on advancing our Trust Portal ( to:
1) alert customers proactively when issues arise
2) provide customers with details about known issues (scope and next steps).
We recently added the option for customers to receive proactive notifications from the Trust Portal. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to subscribe to updates there. Stay tuned for more improvements. Thanks.