To which Netskope datacenter am I steering traffic?

  • 29 April 2021
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Interested in identifying to which datacenter you are sending traffic?  Make sure you are steering traffic through Netskope's Cloud Platform and open a browser to


6 replies

Was always wondering about this! Thank you for sharing!

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"notskope" is not a typo 😉

This page lists also the Netskope proxy egress IP (after balancing) as well as your gateway IP.


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Great stuff! Do we have this info available on If not, should we consider adding it there too?


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I have added this info to the main help:

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We need to manually add to our config correct?

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No need to do anything, this traffic is steered through Netskope by default.

Rather the opposite: This page relies on Netskope data center's egress IP detection. A bypass would cause a result like "You are using a Netskope NewEdge data center in an unknown location (or you are not steering this traffic to Netskope)".

Hope this helps!