Technical Support Documentation for AI Embedding

  • 27 October 2023
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I wanted to know if there is an easy way to get a copy of all the technical support docs from Netskope. Including API docs (which are currently only available at the Netskope admin console level). My goal is to create a vector database and ultimately teach an AI Agent Netskope. For practical purposes I'd like to see the extent by which I can extend and embed a model with data and how that would stack up to some of our in house support. Apart from the public facing knowledge base I'm looking for more documents on troubleshooting client side issues. Maybe even some documentation on how to spot errors in Netskope Debug Logs, etc... 


Thanks for any and all support!


2 replies

For those interested, I've created an embedding with a txt version of the knowledge base. I'm running Llama-index to create the embedding and Mistral7B locally to handle the natural language processing. I can setup a Github Repo should anyone want to test it out them selves. 

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@HaxDrĀ -Ā Apologies for the delayed reply, though it's a case of "better late than never." I'm pleased to learn that you've successfully generated embeddings from our knowledge database and utilized Mistral7B for Q&A. I'm curious about your experience with this system so far. Has it been beneficial for your needs? How frequently do you engage with it? We're eager to receive your feedback and explore potential collaboration opportunities.