Enabling Multi-Factor-Authentication for Netskope Admins - How to set up Microsoft Authenticator

  • 31 May 2023
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Securing administrative access to the Netskope tenant is an important security control.  When Single Sign-On (SSO) is not an appropriate choice for some administrators, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) should be used. describes the process for enabling MFA for local Netskope admins who are not managed via SSO.  The default authenticator is Google Authenticator, but other ones can be used.


This article describes how to set up Microsoft Authenticator.


1) Enable MFA on tenant



2) Next time the tenant admin logs into Netskope tenant


3) Tenant admin presented with authenticator setup (note Google Authenticator default)


4) Admin opens Microsoft Authenticator app on device


5) Add Work or school account


6) Scan QR code from Microsoft Authenticator


7) Use Authenticator code when prompted to login to Netskope tenant


Login successful to Netskope tenant using a local admin account with the added security of MFA.


I hope this article helps in further securing the security posture in your Netskope environment.


If you're using other authenticators, it would be great to hear how easy they are to set up.


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2 replies

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Would there be less confusion if the prompts encouraged the admins to use "any TOTP compatible authenticator" rather than just naming Google Authenticator?

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Thanks for the feedback.  I'll take a look into how we can get this improved.