Ability to block file uploads to Telegram web

  • 21 June 2023
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I'm looking for a way to block file uploads using Telegram web. As Netskope is unable to detect "Uploads", it is not able to block uploads. 


I tried blocking "Downloads" as this was an activity registered, when I tested, it failed.

2 replies

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Hi @akaridi . Telegram is not currently supported, as can be seen from the Netskope CCI screenshot bellow:


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Telegram uses Websocket protocol to upload the files and we do not support web socket protocol with Universal app connector & custom app connector (to create a custom CASB app) and there's feature request to support the Websocket protocol in Universal app connector. Please reach out to your CSM or TAM and request you be added to this. You can potentially block all websocket traffic via HTTP Header Profiles - you may want to explore that as appropriate (https://docs.netskope.com/en/http-header-profile.html) ...