Changing a CCI App tag using Rest API

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As organisations take control of the SaaS applications they use and sanction, one key area is to tag applications as Sanctioned or Unsanctioned (or other tag names if you prefer).


Tagging an application in the CCI is simple (see below), but laborious if you have many to do.


How to use an API for Application tagging

  • Go to Settings/Tools/Rest API v2 
  • Select API Documentation
  • Search or scroll down to /api/v2/services/cci/tags/
  • Click to try out the API
    • Select the tag you want (using Sanctioned here)
    • Select “Request body for patch app tagging” ( this gives some sample options on how to select the app by name or id)
    • Edit the text to select the apps you want tagged (example here is for Box, Evernote & Dropbox)
    • Click Execute


You will get a response back which will show whether the has succeeded or not, but also some info which might be useful for your API tool of choice

If you get an error, check your API token, and any brackets, or commas in the requested body above.



  • Check the CCI that it has updated successfully


Any policies or dashboards you have will now be able to make use of the new tag you have assigned.


See related articles on how to have policies based on tags:-

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