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  • 10 May 2023
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Can I generate a report containing file movements (eg Google Drive CASB API) and also display the full path of that file? In Netskope IT -> Application Events it only shows the objects (files). It does not show the full file path.



3 replies

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Oi Claudio, tudo bem?


You can generate such report on "API-enabled Protection > CASB API (Classic) > google > [instance_name/domain]" page. On that page you'll see the list of files that are being protected by CASB API, and you can use the search filters to help locate the files you need (based on Alert, Policy, etc). You can then export the results clicking the "Export" button.

Please let me know if that helps.

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HEllo @msouza . I've tried this option (Export), but it doesn't bring back the file movements that were performed (upload, download, share, etc). It only shows this option (RECENT ACTIVITIES) if you click individually on each file.

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Yes, unfortunately we don't have a way to correlate them through Skope IT or the CASB API screen. Is the tenant entitled to Advanced Analytics?