High SIM data usage post NS Client install on Laptop

  • 16 September 2021
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Dear All

I need your kind input if you have experienced similar issue as under:

I have installed the netskope client without full connectivity/routing at the backend. The client connects to the tenant only. The NS Client config states <Gateway IP: N/A (Explicit Proxy: 185.x.x.x) > The zscaler proxy PAC configuration is still active and the PROD config. Then purpose of installing the NS Client is to test the deployment and to scope co-existence and prestaging the NS Client.

The client was installed on a laptop connecting to the organisation through SIM. The average data usage of that device spiked from 40GB and month to 530GB. 

Did anyone experienced similar issue at any stage with the NS Client.

I am troubleshooting the data usage through the Win10 Data Usage feature.

I was also wondering if the data usage can be tracked from the NS Tenant/console?

Thanks in advance. 

3 replies

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Hi @bongoozy, Thank you for sharing your experience with Netskope Client. It sounds like this may need troubleshooting from the PCs endpoint as well as the tool used to to measure bandwidth consumption. @igigis have you come across a similar experience or could you share recommendations?

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Hi @bongoozy ,


I have not come across any customer reporting a higher data usage with the Netskope Client.
There could be a marginal increase in the data usage as the Netskope Client regularly polls the Management Plan to download configs, new updates, send client status, etc. But a 15 fold jump is not expected. 
Unfortunately, there is no utility within the Netskope Client to track the average data usage.
You could however request this as a new feature using the "Feedback" button on your tenant.
Have you determined that it is indeed the Netskope Client which has contributed to the high data consumption?

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Hi Sooraj,

I am not 100% that NS Client is has contributed to the increase data. But, that was the only change made on the device during the period of high SIM data consumption on the laptop. We just installed the client to test co-existance with the current zscaler solution prior to migrating to NS. I can see in the Win10 Data Usage the stAgentSvc.exe has consumed the highest data during the period. Approx twice to the 2nd highest data consumed by system. Just sharing my observation and not blaming NS. The backend config is still WIP and not sure if that might cause it. I will work with the NS SME working in the project and try to get the root cause.