Highest-impact CASB Tips & Best Practices

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Hi everyone


if you still haven't registered for this event, you still have time, it starts in 30 min....


May 26 , 2021
8:00am PDT


If you would like to attend the session please register with the following link



please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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Note: This event has had to be postponed due to technical problems with the hosting platform. Good news is... it will be running tomorrow instead, so more time to for you to register!

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Just attended the last half of it. Will the video be posted anywhere? or the deck be available

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Hi Hirak. If you registered for the webinar (obviously you did!) you should receive a follow up email from ON24 with a link to the recording. In my experience this can sometimes this can take ~24 hours to be sent out. Let us know if it doesn't arrive. Ross

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Unfortunately I missed the registration, may I have access to the recording or can you let me know when there will be another event?


Thank you!

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You can find the 'Highest-impact CASB Tips & Best Practices' recording here: