How often is the CCI reassessed for web sites ?

  • 14 July 2023
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I've recently seen some cases of web sites being blocked automatically due to low CCI which suddenly become allowed days (or even hours) later.
Today's example was which was being blocked due to low CCI in the morning, and by the afternoon was allowed.
How often is the CCI reassessed for web sites ?

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@wdeguara this depends on the exact application.  The most popular applications (Office365, Google Workspace, AWS, Azure, etc) are reviewed more regularly. 

You can see when a specific piece of criteria has been reviewed by hovering over the clock icon:

For your particular example, you can check the history of an apps scoring from the CCI page:


Further, you can see the reason for the score change by clicking the table icon:

Now this app has been the same score for over a month now so I believe the behavior you're observing may have been a separate issue and we would need to investigate why the same CCI was blocked in the morning but allowed later on. Is it possible someone tagged the app as sanctioned or allowed it in a higher policy? It's also possible the categorization of the site itself may have changed.