How to block IE11 traffic to the internet but still allow in the intranet

  • 14 December 2021
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Dear All,

We are migrating to Netskope Proxy and was wondering if it is possible to block IE11 traffic to the internet. We will still want to allow any intranet traffic (create rules as business case comes up supporting legacy app in the intranet). I am aware that this can be done by Applocker and AV policies but I was thinking that NetSkope CASB would be the ideal technology so that the configuration is dynamic enough to allow legacy app as required. This initiative is to align with ASCS Essential 8 maturity model.

The closest info that I have is

Thanks in advance.



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2 replies

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Hi @bongoozy, this is not a current feature of CASB. However, you could submit this idea to our new Netskope Product Ideas board in the Community to have your fellow members vote on the idea for a chance to have it appear in a future release!

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Hi, I assume your on premise for this question, so Local traffic AKA the intranet would not be picked up by the Netskope NG-SWG by default, so this should work by default, however, what you need to do is to block IE11 which is where the issue lies, as the option is as follows, so blocking IE is possible. but not specific versions