How to export Application Instances

  • 30 October 2023
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I really like the ability to now easily see all identified app instance in SkopeIT -> Applications -> Instances. However, not having the ability to export the list as a CSV is frustrating. Is this option coming soon? Thx.


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3 replies

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Or do any sorting. I'd love to sort on a keyword, like my company name, to show all instances where the company name exists. Currently, I have to just sort alphabetically and click through all the pages. 

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Hello @jschuele and @nduda,

I will see if there are any existing enhancement requests or product plans to include filters on this page (and submit one if not) and allow CSV export similar to other SkopeIT pages.    

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@jschuele Maybe I am not understanding...You can create a filter (instance_id neq '') and only applications with instance names show up....then you can export.   The downside would be you have to deduplicate in Excel


You can also use Advanced Analytics with the added benefit of doing a summary of # of users, or #sessions to set priority.   Or an export of ever user that uses the instance.