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  • 14 January 2022
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We are looking to deploy the Netskope client in our VDI environment. The VDI systems are running Windows 10 are non persistent with FSLogix, so upon logging out of the Virtual machine, the device is removed from the environment and then rebuit, thus a fresh machine that could be randomly assigned to any user. FSLogix allows the clients to maintain data they want persistent in their profile.
I am wondering if there is any special configuration that I need to do when deploying the client to these VDI systems on the Golden Image/Master Build? Would this below suffice?
\servershareNetskopeNSClient- token=12345abcde mode=peruserconfig autoupdate=off /qn

Would there be anything else I need to do on the client? We use the above command to deploy to our physical Windows endpoints successfully.

Thank you.


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@jcarroll yes, that command is correct.  Just remember to periodically update your golden image with new version of the Netskope client binary.  On physical machines, we typically recommend to not turning off autoupdate because that setting precludes any updates to the client regardless of the tenant-based configuration settings.  For example, using the tenant, there is a checkbox you can tick on whether you want to update the client automatically or not.  So if you want to not update the client automatically, you turn that off, but when you want to upgrade, you turn it on and your clients automatically upgrade to the specified version, and then you turn it off again, etc.  But if you install client with autoupdate=off setting, then the client will never update itself and you have to push new binary to install the new version