Is it possible to set/deploy explicit browser proxy settings from the Netskope Tenant

  • 30 August 2021
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Dear All

We are implementing Netskope and as part of implementation we might have to set an explicit proxy (browser) for the initial phase of  implementation. I am deploying the client and if an explicit proxy setting is required for all the Windows 10 fleet then I can always achieve through a GPO settings. But I was wondering if this settings can be pushed from the tenant. This info looks promising but I don't have enough understanding to vouch this approach. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.


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4 replies

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Hello @bongoozy , today we a PAC file template that can be downloaded from the Netskope UI and leverage that to create your own custom PAC file. We will be adding the capability to host and auto-download pac files in near future. Thanks

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To download the sample pac file, pls login into your tenant and refer to the screenshot available in the product online help link you shared above.

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@bongoozy you definitely still need to use GPO to set endpoint settings to fetch the PAC file, there is no substitute for that(other than having user do it manually).  Curious to hear why you'd want to use explicit proxy as opposed to a client.

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@mkoyfmanDue to network and routing complexity there might be a requirement to have an explicit browser proxy along with the NS client for the Windows 10 fleet. I was under the impression that I will set the GPO/adm templates for EDGE and Chrome browsers for the proxy settings (No Proxy as default NS requirement) but the Network Team is stating that there might be a requirement to set an explicit proxy settings.