Microsoft Teams Licensing

  • 6 December 2021
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Has anyone else heard of Microsoft changing their licensing model for Graph API integration. It's come to our understanding that the licensing model would now require E5 or equivelent add on to do the Netskope Teams integration for DLP. Does anyone else use the Netskope/MS Teams CASB Integration?

5 replies

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MSFT has not implemented that restriction yet, so you do not need E5 for Teams/Netskope API integration. 

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@rfletcher you can see more details from Microsoft about this here:


They are requiring their customers who want to perform DLP via Netskope or any other security solution.

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But when they do implement it, then it will be required correct?

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Hi there , wanted to know whether there are any updates on this. Microsoft has already initiated this and requires E5 license for using graph API , for things like scanning Teams Messages etc. So how is Netskope going to handle this ?  Will customers be required to have E5 license for leveraging this ? 

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Yes, customers who want to utilize DLP inspection via CASB API are required by Microsoft to have E5 license.  Netskope is agnostic to this change/requirement - we do not verify M365 entitlement on setup, but if you do not have the E5 license, the functionality is not going to work