Netskope Client change tenant

  • 18 November 2022
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Hello, I have 2 tenants, 1 for QA and 1 for production. Has anyone figured out a way to switch clients from one tenant to another without having to uninstall and reinstall? especially on a MAC system?

2 replies

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Uninstall/Reinstall is the only supported method.

I would love to see multiple "tenants" under a parent "org" where much of the Settings configuration could be set once used by all the tenants. Then a device could be assigned to a specific "tenant" through a client config setting. I thought I had submitted that to my account team as an enhancement request, but I can't find it on my list. Must have only mentioned it in passing.

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The only 'potential' workflow outside of removing/re-installing clients would be to use IDP mode and unenroll the admin user to see if this triggers a new enrollment to the other tenant, downloading branding/config files etc. This hasn't been tested but could be a potential workaround if such workflows are permissable