Removal of proxy policies

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We are facing some issues while we remove the user from the proxy group due to some exceptions. The policies applied on user is not getting reverted back.

All restrictions are still getting applied. As a workaround we have to uninstall the client software and reinstall the same.


Is there a better way to do this.

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@manishhtmedia what directory integration are you using (SCIM or AD Importer)? If SCIM, what IDP are you using?  Keep in mind, there is a delay depending on the source of when the updated group membership is pushed to Netskope.  This varies by source but can range from immediately (SCIM with Okta) to 3 hours (AD importer default value which can be shortened).  There is an additional interval for group syncing to the proxy itself.  However, a client install should not be necessary regardless. 

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The best option for policy management when it users is to establish groups and apply those to or in policies.  This will allow for the addition or removal of users in a tenant without worrying about individual users being referenced in a ticket.


If you have transitioned from AD tools to SCIM, it may be necessary for you to zero out users with the AD connector and then import with SCIM.  I have a write up on this process.