DLP with Facebook Messages IS NOT Working

  • 1 August 2023
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Hi Community Team,

Working Scenario: When we upload or download sensitive data (Credit card, CVV & email) with TXT, CSV & DOCX files to Facebook & LinkedIn, then Netskope DLP is alerting fine with PCI-DSS, DLP-PCI & DLP-PII profiles.

Working Scenario: when we type & send sensitive data (Credit card, CVV & email) in LinkedIn Messages, then that message is being alerted (fine). LinkedIn Message DLP alert is showing Activity as POST and Object type as Message.

Failed: However, When we type & send sensitive data (Credit card, CVV & email) in Facebook Messages, then it is not being blocked or alerted. We are expecting the action to be POST and activity should be Message or anything. However, Facebook Message sensitive data share action is not visible in Application Events, Alerts and Page Events.

Below screenshot is the policy. Has anyone noticed this issue? If yes, please suggest the fix.



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