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  • 2 October 2023
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We are just getting started with the Advanced Analytics and one of the 1st reports we were asked to run is Top Uploads for the past 7 days. 


Report ran great and is full of useful data.  One area I cannot figure out though is Uploads to YouTube.

While I do not believe we have "content creators" uploading while at work, the data is still questionable. 


Searching the web for info all leads back to uploading a video.  I did find YouTube does have tracking capabilities beyond cookies.


Looking at just one user at our corporate office, showed only around 1Mb of data uploaded.   This is more inline with what I found online with the tracking. 


The top user for the week was around 805Mb.  So not  “content creator” I would think, but makes me wonder just how much tracking is going on.

This top user also had 60 hours of viewing time.  (To be addressed separately) But could the tracking account for 805Mb?

Anyone else seeing this and have thoughts?


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Bytes uploaded are the amount of bytes transferred from the client to server as part of the HTTP (and subsequent TCP) session.  Bytes uploaded will always be more than 0 as the proxy will observe some client to server traffic for session establishment, user input to the app, etc so your top uploaders are more likely to just be your top Youtube users in this case. The Youtube app does have an explicit Upload activity which I would assume is more of what you're after (detecting users who uploaded actual videos or content to Youtube).  You can also look for the Post activity which I believe would capture comments on videos from users.  I hope this is helpful and I'm certainly happy to provide additional context.  

As for the 60 hour view time, this is likely the duration of sessions meaning that your user more than likely wasn't watching 60 hours of total videos but may have been streaming music or something along those lines.  A more accurate or complete analysis should look at the "View" activity for that user in the same time period as this will show you the actual number of videos they would have started to watch during that period. 

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Thank you show much for that explanation!  It makes total sense now and I am glad I can pass this along to my leadership that has started reviewing the weekly reports.  Thanks again!