How to block Online Ads

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KB - How to block Online Ads


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How to block Online Ads



Netskope SWG license is required



Online ad sites provide online marketing, Internet advertising, digital advertising or web advertising. Examples are online advertising, pay per click (ppc), cost per click (cpc) etc. 

Netskope recommends blocking all traffic directed towards online ad sites.


Do You Know?

  • Every URL is assigned to a predefined web category within Netskope's system. Netskope offers a comprehensive range of predefined web categories to accurately classify internet content - Link
  • Netskope categorizes online ad sites under a predefined URL category labeled 'Online Ads'.


  • Create a Real-time protection policy

 Path: Netskope Tenant UI >>> Policies >>> Real-time Protection >>> New Policy >>> Web Access 






  • Consider this is a must have real-time policy
  • It is advisable to disable end-user notifications ('Mute').
  • The placement of this policy is crucial; administrators should ensure its correct positioning.


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