Introduction - Hi From Brisbane!

  • 27 April 2023
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My name is Neil and I've been on the Netskope journey since the beginning of 2023. I'm based in beautiful, sunny Brisbane, Australia.


I have been in the network & security arena for a long time and it's been a long & winding path. After working in the 'pure' networking field until 2010ish, I did some work with a large global company to implement application acceleration across WANs and the Internet, as well as related performance monitoring. That was the start of my working with application behaviour; whether it be how to speed apps up, what's causing them to go slow, user interactions and if/how the apps are secured (or not). Around 2020, I got into data analytics (observability) to provide insights mostly related to infrastructure and security ingest types. 


Netskope provides an exciting confluence of where I've come from. Sticking with my recent experience, my focus going into this will be the advanced analytics area.


Look forward to working with the community.

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Hi @neil6323 ,


Welcome to the Netskope Community 🚀.


We are grateful and excited to have you on board with us here at Netskope Community. We look forward to witnessing your journey of growth in our community.