User login limit in Netskope client.

  • 7 July 2023
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Hello Team,


How many times can I log in to Netskope Client using one user ID?


Best answer by zthompsoncr 8 July 2023, 18:15

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5 replies

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I am assuming you meant login to the Netskope UI.


There is not a "limit" persey. However, you can disable concurrent logins by the same admin if you chose.

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No, I didn't meant login to Netskope UI.


I mean that, From one User Id, how many logins possible to Netskope Client.

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@Jakhaniya there is not a limit.

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how many devices can be onboarded from one user?

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There is no limit.

The license is per person, not per device.

So, you can have multiple people log into one device, and each person could be part of a different group that gets a different browsing policy, or you could have one person log into multiple computers, and that person will receive the same policy.