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Open forum for anyone who has completed the Netskope Security Cloud Introductory Online Technical Training.


Feel free to ask questions, provide feedback or help out your peers with anything you can contribute.

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Just finished the training and liked it. Just wondering if there is any high level chart for process diagram so that it is easy to get an overall view. It was a bit confusing at times trying to relate the flow of the training. Overall good start.

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You can find whitepapers on the netskope.com website that should provide what you are looking for.

The next step would be to attend the instructor led training courses, which provide a lot more information.  The NSCO&A course covers both high-level concepts as well as deeper-dives into some of the operational features and functions of the Netskope tenant.  And then there is the NSCI&I course which dives much deeper into integration functionality and some of the more technical aspects of the Netskope tenant.