Advanced Analytics - client status tracking?

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I have one configuration, tied to an AD group, where people can disable Netskope to troubleshoot. 


Occasionally I have people forget to enable.  I also want to track how long between enable and disable.    


Is there a way to get these events in Advanced Analytics?


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Advanced Analytics doesn't ingest the client events data today, it is something that is being worked on but today you'd need to leverage the Client Events API to extract the data then calculate the differences in time between enabling and disabling using the extracted data.

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That said though, v105 does include functionality that will force the client to restart on reboot/login.  Which should reduce your need to track this. 

But, yes, I too wish the Client events were exposed through AA.   Is there an NPLAN for us to track @myee ?

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@qyost yes, there is an existing NPLAN.  The reference number is NPLAN-1156, current ETA is Q2 (plan subject to change at PM discretion).

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You can do this fairly easily via REST API. It is possible to query by endpoint event of 'user disabled', the query will also return the user ID and machine name. From there you can handle it as a one-off, or automate it to send an email to the user to remind them to enable the client or create a helpdesk ticket for example...