[ HELP ] Adv Analytics - How to import existing widgets to Reports

  • 17 August 2022
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Hi everyone, thanks for reading.


I'm trying to build some reports with Advanced Analytics.

I wanted to created some widgets first and then reuse them to build several reports.

I couldn't find a way to do that. I only can create widgets directly inside the report, which limits these widgets to be used in the report they were created from. If I create widgets outside a report I cannot find how to insert them in a report.


NS docs say the following:


A widget is a good choice if you want to create, change, and test a report in one place but use it in multiple dashboards.

The widget and the dashboard must be in the same folder. If the widget is changed, the changes to the widget will show in your dashboard. If the widget is deleted, the dashboard will show an error for this tile.



I have both reports and widgets inside the same folder as the docs says.


Does somebody know how to make it? Otherwise I would open a support case.


Thanks in advance!



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Hello Oscar,


You can add existing widgets to existing dashboards from the widget view.   Open the widget you'd like to add. In the upper right corner, you should see a gear
icon.  Click that and then Save... where you should then see the option "To an existing dashboard."  You can then specify the report/dashboard you want to add the widget to.    You can then open and edit that dashboard to alter the size, location, or other attributes of the widget.  

Thank you. 



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Hello Sam,

thanks a lot for the solution. It worked like a charm.


Just to help other users, I've been playing with that and noticed there are two ways to import an "standalone" widget into a dashboard:

  1. ADD WIDGET TO DASHBOARD: actually imports the widget and keeps it linked with the standalone. If you modify the widget, changes apply to both the standalone widget and all reports using it.

  2. SAVE WIDGET TO DASHBOARD: creates a copy of the widget and inserts it to the target dashboard. If you modify the standalone widget, you WON'T see the changes inside the dashboard.

Additionally, you can save a dashboard-embedded widget as a standalone widget, but this seems to always create a copy of it, not tied to each other.


Hope this helps!


Thanks and regards,


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Hi, @oscar  👋

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