How is usage vs. licensing calculated?

  • 12 September 2023
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How is license consumption worked out for the SWG product?


We're currently just syncing groups from Azure AD that contain users based on their office location and the total number of members in those groups is just under what we're licensed for, but want to ensure that we aren't missing anyone.


If we sync a catch all group from Azure AD that contains about 3 times as many accounts as we have Netskope licenses what happens to our license consumption?


Do we consume licenses equal to the total number of AD accounts that are synced, total number of enabled AD accounts, total Netskope clients seen over a time period, max concurrent connected clients, or something else?

1 reply

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We are going through similar situation. The approach would be Netskope to add a new feature (like a page) for license details. A license/subscription page to show which features are purchased, how much of it  is used, which features are not purchased (or need to be purchased) and expiry dates. For example, Imperva has Subscription page to show same details (I mentioned Imperva not as a competitor, but as an example how admin can benefit from subscription page).

We have put this idea to Netskope Sales team, but Sales team turned down our feature enhancement request because the request came from one person. It would be a benefit for both Netskope and companies, if a license page is added with available features and expiry dates. I hope Netskope will see this as an admin's need and add this feature someday.