How to block Online Advertisement

  • 14 February 2024
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When access, a full page advertisement will popup.  I have to click “X” to close in order to access to the actual content.


How can I block this full page advertisement?  I tried “Online Ad”, but did not work.

Likewise, how to cleaning remove the top advertisement border in “”?

Pls advise

5 replies

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Hello @munster,


This is a common policy for Netskope.  Please follow the steps here.  Please ensure you note the Tip section.  If you select the template “None(No Notification)” Netskope will block the add and render it as empty HTML.   In fact, we often demonstrate this feature with CNN and other sites. 

Thank you.

Hi sshiflett

I have tried the steps but did not work for  Did it work for you?


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You need to block the Marketing category since the full page ad belongs to it.


Apologies as I may not have explained clearly.

I have a last RTP rule that blocked almost all CATEGORY.  When I accessed, the whole popup advertisement page appeared to be blank page and not showing “X” to close the page.  Hence, the underneath actual page cannot be viewed

How can I block the whole popup advertisement page so that the underneath actual page can be seen?

I tried AdGuard free browser extension and the blocking work swiftly and cleaned.  CNN.COM advertisement at the top was also cleanly removed.

Netskope “Oneline Ad” for CNN




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Can you try to access the both sites again? I think they are fixed now.