How to manage URL recategorization process in Netskope NG-SWG

  • 17 June 2021
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I wanted to share with all of you a video tutorial on how we recommend you manage URL recategorization process with your users via Netskope tenant.  Also, the video includes information about how to accelerate and unblock users access to certain URLs they may need to access on an exception basis or in case the recategorization request is not completed fast enough.  Hope you find this video helpful.  To create a mechanism in your blocking or coaching page to drive user to submit a recategorization requestion, please use the following example as to what should go in the User Notification page Message portion of the UI:



You are trying to visit a site that is prohibited by the company's Acceptable Use Policy and it has been blocked. If you think this site shouldn't be blocked, click <a href="{{NS_URL}}&email={{NS_USER}}">here</a> to submit a web site recategorization.



Enjoy the video!


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Thanks! I didn't know about this url for recategorization. I thought the only one that existed was in the tenant portal under Web.  Are there any plans to get the time frame for recategorization faster than 24-48 hours?