How to Quickly Identify User Type

  • 6 February 2023
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Quick tips on how to identify whether it is a local user (tenant local) or directory provisioned user:


1. When you manually add users to Netskope tenant, you cannot add additional fields such as first and last name or group they belong to, only the email address. 

Directory provisioned users display a first and last name in the 2nd and 3rd column (quick and handy way to distinguish) if you have tenant console open. 

Security Cloud Platform > Netskope Client > Users

2. Directory provisioned users typically also have a group associated with them.

3. There is no "delete" option for directory provisioned user. (Deletion of such users is handled from the Directory).


What is Directory Provisioned users?

-The users that are either Netskope AD Importer tool provisioned or pushed through SCIM provisioning apps (e.g. gallery Netskope apps on Okta or Azure AD)


How to view groups or delete user?

-Select a user and click 3 dots on far right

Security Cloud Platform > Netskope Client > Users


Can I add additional attributes manually?

Although not used so commonly there is a script to update users with additional attributes. It needs some advanced scripting knowledge and gawk installed on your system .

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Thank you so much for sharing that quick tip with the community! 🙂