List of all Netskope POP

  • 12 July 2023
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Hello Team,


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Could anyone please help me to get the URL with all the List of the Netskope POP accompanied with region, Public IP addresses, Development Status, ....

Thank you in advance.


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5 replies

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This information is available in the support portal.  NewEdge Consolidated List of IP Ranges for Allowlisting ( 

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Another issue, I'm not able to create a support portal account on Netskope.

Can you advise me on that ?

Thank you in advance.

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Your Netskope Sales team, or customer success team that is assigned to your company will be able to assist with getting an account setup. 

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You can also extract the information from within your tenant.
Settings - Security Cloud Platform - Traffic Steering - GRE


There is a "Netskope Pops" button which displays the PoPs available for your tenant.

The data for the button is sourced from a POST to, if you're looking for a way to programmatically consume it. 

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Thank you