Netskope Client Installation on Windows Server 2016

  • 15 August 2023
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Hi there,


One of my client doesn`t want to go other way of steering traffic from Windows Server 2016 to Netskope Cloud so he wanted to use Netskope Client to steer the traffic from the Windows Server 2016. We tried to install, client stays disabled and when checked logs it says the below.

Initially we thought it would UPN and EMAIL ID are not matching, but we created separate the account with the same UPN and EMAIL ID, but client still fails to download config branding file and stays disabled. What you suggest next we should do?


2023/08/09 16:49:23.584 stAgentSvc pcb0 t17b4 error config.cpp:6234 Config Branding file downloaded failed for user: Removed the user ID

2023/08/09 16:49:23.584 stAgentSvc pcb0 t17b4 error config.cpp:4571 Config Failed to download branding file using UPN

2023/08/09 16:49:13.570 stAgentSvc pcb0 t17b4 error config.cpp:8173 Config failed to download UPN hashing config

2023/08/09 16:49:13.570 stAgentSvc pcb0 t17b4 info config.cpp:5960 Config UPN encoded for user: Removed the user ID

1 reply

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Hello @Deepak_InfoTru,

When you say you created an account with a matching UPN and EMAIL ID, where was this account created and did it sync to Netskope?  When using UPN, the client takes the UPN of the currently logged on user(s) and matches it against the Netskope Users table imported via SCIM or Directory Importer.  If the user does not exist then this download will fail.  Additionally, please ensure there are no other logs like 403 HTTP errors or errors reaching the addon host for your tenant.  These can also cause branding download failures.  You can verify if it's the UPN or another issue by logging onto another machine with that user and seeing if the client activates.  Further, support can check backend logs with the UPN from those logs to see what failures they have observed.