NetSkope SWG and Windows 10 updates failing in Asia

  • 2 February 2022
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Hi all, wondered if anyone rolling out SWG has had any issues with getting Windows updates to install with SWG enabled in Asia.   I have the same Windows steering bypasses set up for EU users and Asia but for some reason India and HK  users are getting a fail to update on the windows update page unless i disable the netskope client.   My exceptions are below.  I've covered everything MS say i need except and its not needed for EU users and just directs to the micosoft buy our devices  page.  Any ideas ?   




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2 replies

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My suggestion would be:

1. attempt the Windows update again

2. download the netkope client logs (right click -> save logs) and unzip.

3. look inside nsdebuglog.log

4. filter the nsdebuglog.log file for the word "Tunneling"

5. You should see a number of lines like:


Tunneling flow from addr:, process: firefox to host:, addr: to nsProxy


Look for anything in there where the process is related to Microsoft Update, or where the host is a Microsoft related domain.


6. Add that process/host into the steering exceptions


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issue wanted related to netskope.