Offline Agent Reporting

  • 1 December 2023
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Is there a way to setup a report or alert to capture devices that have not reported traffic in x number of days?

It turns out that after an audit, we have quite a few agents where Netskope is installed but not steering any data to the our tenant.  We believe that in these cases the agents subsystems are not fully functioning. 

The users are not allowed to disable the agents. 

Thank you. 


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4 replies

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Please contact your CSM or account team to try out P-DEM:


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Thanks. But is there anything in the current feature set I can use that I do not have to pay extra for?  

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You may want to browse device dashboard:


Export the data, select all columns, and export all data in spreadsheet.
Currently this is the best way to analyze until we have a advanced analytics dashboard to address this requirement.

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This is helpful, thank you.