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  • 21 October 2022
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Hello all, thanks for reading.


We are working on migrating URL lists from ProxySG to Netskope.


There are several URL lists defined for ProxySG whose matching behaviour is as follows:

Imagine there are two URL lists defined: List1 and List2




The following URLs will match as follows in proxySG: -> matches List1 -> matches List1 -> matches List2 -> matches List2

**Notice it matches the URL list containing the most similar entry


How is Netskope handling the above scenario where a URL can be matched in multiple URL lists?


How does URL list matching works in Netskope?

  • Does exact match implicitly include subdomains? (e.g.
  • Does exact match implicitly include any path? (e.g. [subdomain.]
  • Does regex match type require a full match from start to end of the value? e.g.
  • Is regex match type the only way to implement partial matches (startsWith, endsWith, contains, etc)?


Thanks a lot in advance,



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Hi Oscar,


The short answer is: -> matches only 

* ->  matches any subdomain of and also ""


NOTE: asterisk before is ok, asterisk after is not supported. 

For example: is OK, but* is not supported. 


A complete list with examples is here:


I hope this helps. 


Adrian Larsen

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Advice: Do not bring over tons of URLs to Netskope. Use cloud apps when necessary to maximize your control over the application and any activity that is performed. Re-think your strategy when making policy in Netskope as you maybe used to legacy filtering platforms. If you need help please contact your account teams for policy help and advice.