Re: Netskope causes Issues with Mobile Device Emulators

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I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with a solution called Browserstack which provides developers with the ability to test their websites and mobile applications across on-demand browsers, operating systems and real mobile devices. I have created a bypass so that traffic to the Browserstack tenant is not inspected which allows a system to successfully navigate to the page, the issue occurs when the Browserstack provided OS / Mobile Device emulators attempt to load code on the device. If the NS agent is disabled it works fine, when it is enabled it is broken. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue?

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@gjimenez7272 I recommend you identify the process that Browserstack runs as and define it as certificate-pinned application.  More reading about certificate-pinned applications is here:



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Thank you very much. I will give this a shot. I really appreciate the information. 

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Hi gjimenez7272,
did you solve your problem? I am dealing with the same issue.


We have out of steering the domain "*" and "". Unfortunately, the process that works with browserstack is, from the logs: "process: google chrome helper"


In our logs, each line with the string "browserstack" is being bypassed, however, developers still having issues with the tool.


Any ideas?

Thank you very much.

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Hi Miguel,


In a similar situation to yourself. Did you ever find a workaround for this problem?


Thanks a lot!

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Not yet 😞

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Hi All,


Has there been any update on this topic. We have just come across this issue ourselves.

I have put in place a steering bypass for * and, and also created a new app definition for browserstacklocal.exe and any traffic originating from that process to any destination is also excluded from being steered to Netskope.

We are still having some connectivity issues though, and I'm not overly fond of a global steering exception. Looking for any further guidance!


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I've just seen this from browserstack official FAQ

I'm trying this solution

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Our employee confirms it works now