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  • 13 December 2021
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For some reason I felt that in a recently Netskope release I saw something about a referrer policy.


We have run into issues in our organization with some websites functioning properly as we silently block the "Online Ads" URL category. Often times, a URL may be classified as Online Ads, but may be necessary for the website to function. We have often just created a real-time protection policy to permit the URLs in a URL list and applied this to the appropriate users.

I thought I saw something about using a referrer policy in a recent release that if you permitted the main page, any subsequent URLs that were loaded were also permitted. Almost like a parent-child relationship with processes. I may be dreaming, but I could not find anything in the recent release notes or documentation.


If this does not exist, does this functionality exist if Netskope does not have a defined Cloud App that would permit the associated URLs? Would the only action be to create the URL lists as we have been doing?


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Steps to implement this policy

- Activation HTTP Header Policies - Request this functionality be enabled via your TSM/TAM or Support

- Configure an HTTP Header Policy - The example site is Security Week - you will be able to validate the Referer in the SkopeIT data associated with the alert/block generated.

- Above your Online Ads policy, configure an exception policy like below

Once implemented, the user should be able to navigate to Security Week and the domains associated with the Online AD should hit the new policy versus hitting the lower Online ADs silent block.